SAKURA SI Co,.Ltd. observe the protection privacy policy laws and regulation, and we pays most attention about privacy policy when we manage this web site.

1. Purpose using private information

Our company’s 「Private Information」means includes following 1item or combine more than 2item.

  1. Name (Company Name)
  2. Address
  3. Telephone / Fax Number
  4. E-mail Address
  5. Need the other item when you contact us.

2. About using private information

Our company is used private information for following issues.

  1. Contact us for Products or Service
  2. Contact us for Recruit.

3. About Security

Private information is administered without loss, amendment without agreement, disclose etc.

4. About consignment

We inform a shipping agent, when we consign delivery your product.
At that time, we conclude agreement that is not used private information for the other purpose. And we observe the state of execution.

5. About offer the private information

We do not support or disclosure private information to the third party without consent.
Except in cases permitted under the Privacy Act and other laws and regulations.

6. About disclosure・correction of private information

If you need disclosure・correction of the private information, please contact us.
We will respond promptly.

7. About Privacy Policy Update

There are instances when we privacy policy regulation is updated for private information protection.
At that time, we insert the newest privacy policy in our web site.
Come into effect when we insert our web site.

8. Scope

This privacy policy applies in our web site only.
We don’t have any responsibility about other web site privacy policy that is linked with our web site.

The chief director President Tokihiko Saito

1st. October. 2009 (established)