Total solution provider for sterilization

We support the best customer’s sterilization environment by consulting, evaluation and maganege with a lot of knowledge and advanced technology on sterilization.


Develop / Manufacture the washing・sterilization equipment

We have been developed sterilization equipment based on abundant achievement and we have been tried to supply advanced sterilizer to meet customer’s needs. We provide not only standard equipment but also customization equipment.

Related Cultivation Equipment

We handle the cultivation equipment based on our a great store of knowledge for multiple physical and chemical field.

Related Validation / Calibration Instrument

We deal in temperature・pressure・humidity calibrator, standard thermometer, and data logger.

Support calibration・validation of sterilization equipment

We assist your calibration・validation operation based on GMP・GLP.

Assist operation and maintenance of sterilization facilities

We assist quality management of equipment with superior technology and extensive know-how.

Consult for a related sterilization (Sterilization Test)

We have test facilities in Nagano. (at SAKURA SI Chikuma Education Center)
You can test your sterilization and you can receive your test data.


SAKURA SI operate maintenance・calibration・validation with extensive know-how by specialist staff.


We operate validation of your sterilization equipment or sterilization environment based on GMP・GLP.

Main Operation

Validation, Maintenance Service,
Make report of validation and maintenance documentation


We have several maintenance branches in Japan. So we can deal with maintenance as soon as possible.


If you do the calibration you need a lot of times and efforts. So we contract to calibration of your sterilization equipment or environment.

Calibration Instrument

Temperature calibrator (AMETEK-Denmark)
Thermometer – Standard Thermometer
Pressure calibrator (AMETEK-Denmark)