Pure Steam/Water Treatment

Diverse product lineup of SAKURA SI.

Introduce SAKURA SI product from "Washing/Sterilization" to "Bio-related devices".

Show excellent following performance even if load condition is suddenly changed of the sterilizer.
Achieves a high performance of steam-water separator due to built-in baffle plate and cyclone.

This pure steam generator with owned heated-water type is developed for sterilization equipment.
Supply the pure steam rapidly when sterilizer is heated even if the load condition is suddenly changed.
It is excellent following performance against sudden fluctuation of loading because it has owned heated-water type.
And generated pure steam is unlikely to become a superheated steam, and it is possible to stably supply to sterilizer.
It separates air and water by a baffle plate and cyclone, and control a entrainment and scale adhesion due to a regular blow of concentrated water.