Total support to realize the best
sterilization circumstance.

Introduce our business contents, performance inspection, maintenance and calibration which are mainly for sterilization.

Business details

About Sterilization Total Solution Provider

Bringing together an abundant of the know-how and advanced technology. We are total supporting our customer to realize the best sterilization circumstance from consulting, quality evaluation to operation/management.

Support flow

  • Consulting

    We consult for the detail based on customer needs about sterilization material, size, packaging material and sterilize amount per 1 time. And decide the best sterilization method or sterilizer size.

  • Performance and quality evaluation

    Evaluate the most efficient sterilization and dry (cooling) cycle based on the consulting result.

  • Planning

    Make the best sterilization plan based on the consulting result and performance/quality evaluation data. And we will present our suggestion and submit our quotation for considering by customer.

  • Design

    Design and develop with advanced technology and know-how based on the latest world standard.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacture our sterilization equipment at one of the biggest factory in Japan. Even if we get an order by several units at once, our factory capacity is available to product several units at once.

  • Sterilization Test

    Operate validation to confirm to meet the customer’s needs against function/performance/specification.

  • Operation/Management

    We manage and handle installation inspection, performance inspection, annual maintenance and repair instead of customer.

  • Seminar (about ISO, GMP, CSV etc.)

    Hold a seminar to explain about sterilization, sterilization equipment, validation and CSV etc. to use your equipment safely. The seminar contents are from basic to specialized fields based on ISO/JIS. And seminar will be held as request.

Sales items

  • Design and manufacture a washing equipment・sterilization equipment.

    Develop advanced sterilization equipment to meet needs of the times quickly based on our an abundant of achievements. And we are preparing not only basic type but also various type equipment to deal with it right away.

  • Sales a Bio-related product

    Fermentor and bioreactor is designed based on sterilization equipment technology, aseptic technology and manufacturing know-how of chemical products to meet a lot of purpose.

  • Sales validation-related products

    Handle temperature/pressure calibration, standard thermometer, various data logger, etc.

  • Sterilization Equipment Performance Evaluation

    To be entrusted with operation of performance evaluation based on GMP and GLP

  • Operation of sterilization and maintenance service

    We will help to manage the quality of equipment with outstanding technology, abundant of know-how and fast footwork.

  • Other consultation about sterilization

    Our education center (SAKURA SEIKI Co., Ltd.) has the latest testing equipment to test sterilization easily. And customer can get a high precision evaluation test data.

Performance evaluation service / Maintenance / Calibration of Sterilization Equipment

SAKURA SI supports performance evaluation, maintenance and calibration etc. based on our know-how by expert division and staff in our company.

  • Performance evaluation service of sterilization equipment

    Take on a eligibility evaluation of equipment based on GMP and GLP standard. And we take on maintenance of performance inspection for 「class-1 pressure vessel」 by 「Safety of boilers and pressure vessel」 also.

    [Main Contents]
    Monthly Inspection Service
    Maintenance for performance inspection (maintenance around the doors, safety valve, etc.)

  • Maintenance

    Support a comprehensive service with an abundant experience and advanced sterilization technology through out countrywide networking.

  • Calibration

    It is important to understand about equipment system (combination a loop configuration with sensor, converter, display etc.). We operate calibration instead of customer by professional staff.

    [Peripheral Device]
    Temperature Calibrator (AMETEK)
    Thermometer – Standard Thermometer
    Pressure Calibration (AMETEK) etc.