Message from the president

Message from the president

Supporting with sterilization technology for pharmaceutical and medical device that is indispensable to the human.

Our company was spun off in January, 2005 from SAKURA SEIKI Co., Ltd., who is a pioneer in the medical field. We have specialized in selling various sterilization equipment, distilled water generator, pharmaceutical equipment and other related devices in the industrial field like pharmaceutical company, medical device company, cosmetics company and food company.

We are contributing to society through the seminar of sterilization validation and the supplying of equipment that complies with various global standards including ISO.

SAKURA SEIKI has a history of 150 years since established, and we have accumulated a history from at that time with further evolving the philosophy and technology.

We aim to be a growing company that continues to inherit traditions, philosophies and technologies by further accumulated history with new young staff who has high motivation. We try to expand our market to the global with a large number of overseas exports.

And we think internal market will be advanced to support pharmaceutical and medical field due to the aging population. As a company that supports these from all angle, we will continue to grow as a company that constantly provides equipment that meets the expectations of customers based on the latest technology and proposal abilities.

In addition, we will pay the consideration about compliance and will manage to protect happy life of staff and their families.

President Masamichi Kinoshita

Message from senior


I was happy to work with you.

A word from an overseas customer as like “I was happy to work with you.” is my treasure.

I am working in the engineering department.And I work from design to delivery of product through several meeting with customer. One day, when an overseas customer came to the office, he said to me like this “I’m glad that I worked with you to the end.”.

There is a lot of customer who satisfied with the performance or quality of our product, but I was happy because it was my first experience that I got a feeling of customers trust.

It was an unforgettable moment.

Since then, even when I make a specification on the desk, my motto is “Accurate and polite” for customers.