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Introduce SAKURA SI product from "Washing/Sterilization" to "Bio-related devices".

Absolute pressure switching model for -100kPa is availableCrystal Pressure Calibrator HPC40

Line-up of -100kPa ~ 100MPa. There is absolute pressure switching model. (BARO option)
-100kPa calibration (at standard atmospheric pressure) is available in combination with a vacuum calibration system.

High-performance model with accuracy and convenience.
It is possible to use not only calibaration room but also on-site by maximum ±0.035% of reading measurement accuracy under -20℃〜50℃ environment.
This type is a high-performance pressure calibrator which is possible to measure the absolute pressure with BARO option.

[High Measurement Accuracy]
±0.035% of reading accuracy(under 18℃〜28℃ environment)

[Indicator that can be used with relief even in the field.]
Fit with IP65 (IEC standard), dust-proof / water-proof indicator
Body housing (aluminum alloy)
Attached with indicator protect cover

Possible to switch gage pressure and absolute pressure (Selectable model of BARO option)
Measurable the absolute pressure with option