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Use for -100kPa calibrationVacuum pressure calibration system

Possible to calibrate -100kPa (at standard atmosphere pressure) combination with a pressure calibrator.

Suggest the vacuum pressure calibration system that is difficult to measure at on-site until now. It is possible to calibrate easy and accurate for negative pressure (-100kPa).

[Vacuum Pressure Control Unit]
It is possible to adjust any vacuum pressure by rough adjust valve and fine adjust valve.
Vacuum pressure control range : -100kPa ~ 0kPa
Vacuum pressure control resolution : 0.1kPa

[Vacuum Pump]
It is possible to calibrate pressure until -100kPa by high-performance vacuum pump.
※ Available to calibrate -100kPa G(1.3kPa abs) under standard atmosphere pressure environment (101.3kPa abs).
※ It may not reach -100kPa G in a high altitude areas or low atmospheric pressure.