Diverse product lineup of SAKURA SI.

Introduce SAKURA SI product from "Washing/Sterilization" to "Bio-related devices".

Available -100kPaCrystal Pressure Calibrator XP2i

Pressure Range : Choose from -100kPa to 70MPa
Possible to calibrate -100kPa (at standard atmosphere pressure) combination with a pressure calibrator.

±0.1% of Reading under environment of drastic temperature changes

[Sturdy body]
Fit with IP67 (IEC standard) , dust-proof / water-proof indicator
Body housing (aluminum alloy)
Key-pad (UV resistant polyester)

[CPF: Crystal Pipe Fittings]
Toolless finger tight (excluding metal-seal type)
Weep hole (with a air-bleeding function) that possible to check the connection condition

[Support ATEX Intrinsically Safe Explosion-proof ]
Intrinsically Safe Explosion-proof (technical standard) Ex ia IIC T5