Diverse product lineup of SAKURA SI.

Introduce SAKURA SI product from "Washing/Sterilization" to "Bio-related devices".

Dry type High accuracy Temperature CalibratorJOFRA Temperature Calibrator
RTC Series

Dray type high accuracy temperature calibrator (support an oil bath for some model)

Support oil bath (RTC158 & 250)
-100 ~ 700℃
Accuracy : ±0.04℃-
Support sanitary short sensor *RTC 156B/C

[A model]
Active dual zone heater(156/157/158/159/250)
Triple zone heater(700)
Auto steps
Countdown / Countup
Stable display
Jofra software (English)
Download / Upload

[C model]
Equipped A model's function standardly
DLC sensor
Support short sensor
External sensor

[B model]
Equipped C model's function standardly
Temperature switch test
Front terminal
Slope rate